Beard Growth Serum (50ml)


  • Groundbreaking formula
  • Stimulates follicle growth
  • Improves beard consistency


Resulté Beard Growth Serum contains award-winning ingredients internationally recognised to significantly improve growth of beard hair follicles.

Many men experience a lack of consistent facial hair growth which may be very frustrating and demotivating when wanting to grow a beard.

The research and development around this product makes it a ground-breaking breakthrough for Resulté Cosmetics.  Use this product if you are experiencing slow or patchy hair growth.


Directions for use:

Apply at night after washing/cleansing your face.  Do not rinse.  Use this product to supplement your moisturiser where you would like your beard to grow quicker, healthier, faster and thicker.

Additional information


South Africa




6 Months (Limited)

What's in the Box

1 x RESULTÉ Beard Growth Serum


External Use Only


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